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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

'Vadim Vygonets wrote:'
>Let's come to a solution.  Please post what you think about the
>networking issues, and which issues must be resolved.  I agree that
>Debian is not built for networking environments.

I think you need to be more careful in your criticism.  Debian is not
built for lots of hosts sharing /usr over the network, but it works
great in all the networking environments I have put it in.

Once we have an infrastructure for generic configuration (of /etc and
whatnot), I hope you can write the "make this list of packages share
/usr with multiple hosts on the network" configtool.  Configuration is
an area of active debate right now on the admintool list.  So don't
expect your ideas to be accepted until greater consensus is reached on
the subject of general configuration.

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