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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

Bill Mitchell:
> There's been objection to this because 2.1 is a development kernel.
> The transname stuff would have to reach a stable kernel to become
> eligible for use in a debian release.

It's been available as a kernel patch to 2.0.x for some 6 to 9 months now. I
used it since last fall for 2 machines, and found it quite easy to set up
and administer.

> Just to highlight this as I understand it  -- 
> - On workstations, there would be a minimal local /etc directory
>   for use during boot and before NFS mounts are done.
> - The local /etc would be nfs-overmounted from the server in
>   /etc/fstab

An alternative is to just make the clients completly "diskless", so they
mount / on bootup. That's what I did, and it worked fine, though they did
boot sorta slow over ethernet.

see shy jo

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