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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Bill Mitchell wrote:

> - On workstations, there would be a minimal local /etc directory
>   for use during boot and before NFS mounts are done.
> - The local /etc would be nfs-overmounted from the server in
>   /etc/fstab
> Obviously, there's a problem with local machine-specific files
> which need to live in /etc.  One (the only?) example of this
> is /etc/hostname (the local machine needs to know its unique
> hostname for this scheme to work).

/etc/hostname is only read at bootup, probably (certainly this could
easily be arranged) before the nfs mounts are done. I don't see the

And in any case you can always get your IP by bootp and query a nameserver
for your hostname.

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