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Re: how to handle feature requests?

Christian Schwarz writes:

> I just checked my open bugs (actually my packages bugs :-) . There still
> is one "feature request" hanging around as bug report. It is filed against
> "info2www" which is not upstream-maintained at the moment. 
> This made me think once again about how we handle "feature requests". What
> about this: we close a bug report (since it is not a bug) but distribute
> the latest version of the bug's web page of the bug tracking system in the
> package. This would make seperation of "real bugs" and "feature requests"
> more easy.

I'd like to discuss them with the upstream author and maybe self-implementing
the feature if it makes sense.  Then distribute the patch to the upstream

If this is impossible, documenting the request in the packages
documentation would be best, I believe.



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