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Re: new approach: Documentation Policy

Christian Schwarz writes:
 > What would be the best way to get the PostScript files? I see two
 > different options that should be supported either case: generation on
 > demand, as you run `man -t', and generation via a CGI script, for example,
 > "dwww" will contain a menu of all available docs. It would be nice to have
 > a hyperlink "printable version" next to the hyperlink that links to the

I'd suggest to make it explicit in the text that the document has to
be generated (if not cached); eg something like "generate printable version".

 > So I would suggest using
 >       /usr/doc/<pkg>/html


 > for GNU info converted HTML files. (Some packages may provide both types
 > and we should try not to mix them.) Of course, 
 >       /usr/doc/<pkg>/html/{texinfo,texi,info}
 > or other options to consider.

This last one would make other formats fit quite good; eg:

Note that for texi-converted html, it would probably be better to
forget "info", using either of /usr/doc/<pkg>/html/{texinfo,texi},
as /usr/doc/<pkg>/html/info would suggest something like info2www.

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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