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Re: new approach: Documentation Policy

Christian Meder writes:
 > On Jul 3, Christian Schwarz wrote
 > > In case of converted HTML documentation, the files with the original mark
 > > up format should not be included, unless they are considered as "example
 > > documents" for that mark up language. (.texi files are an exception to
 > > this rule, see below.)
 > doesn't fit sgml this bill too? It's a generic markup language and can
 > be converted into html, info, etc. on demand. 

Maybe some special handling has to be done for sgml. IMHO, it
should be shipped as both sgml and html-converted; maybe as info too ?
Anyway, it's far too slow to convert on-the-fly (at least with sdc; I
don't know about others; linuxdoc-sgml ?)

 > > All documentation related files will be kept in the "main binary package"
 > > if they do not exceed 500 kbytes installed size together. (Of course,
 > > documentation-only packages are not covered by this rule.)
 > For now the 500k limit seems ok but after testing the new policy and with the
 > availability of more ports we should probably lower this limit to keep
 > the mirror admins happy.

I second that.

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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