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Re: new approach: Documentation Policy

> > Just a question:
> > 
> > 	Where do we put texinfo sources? (FSSTD experts?)
> Hmm. What about /usr/doc/foo/texinfo/ ?
Seems right for me.
> And there is more to define now: We'll have to find a unique way to
> compile the texinfo manuals into ".info" and ".ps". I think there may be
> some manuals out there, that do not come in a single ".texi" file. Since
> /usr may be mounted read-only, we'll have to move the files somewhere else
> to compile them. 
> Any ideas?

What about making /usr/info a softlink to something like /var/info?
Usually the PS file are temporary, they stay only as long as the 
docs are printed so I think something in /var/tmp should be right.

Mmm... another idea, what about /var/doc/info, /var/doc/ps, etc...
(with the link /usr/info -> /var/doc/info)?


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