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Re: Next approach: Documentation Policy

[snippety snip]

>   - compilation takes some time on slow computers
Compilation into PS and HTML, not to info

>   - you need a lot of packages to make all compilers work (I think we
> would have to try to assemble them in a single package)
>   - it's hard to get the compilation error free (see above)
> My experience is (though I'm really no export here), that "makeinfo"
> usually does not have much problems and is quite fast. "texi2html" is
> slow. "tex" (to get the postscript output) is _very slow_.
> So what about this:
>   - we ship precompiled HTML files _and_ texinfo source code 
>   - /usr/info/*.info files are generated on request, only
>   - PostScript files can be compiled on request (requires some packages,
> though) or can be downloaded from a ftp server

I think is the best thing we can do. A format should be provided
precompiled, and that should be HTML (debian policy to switch to HTML).
If we ship texi sources the user can then print manuals or make info
on demand, if he really wants. Note that the sources are not much more
big than info files. 

I am against shipping PS, because we'll nedd more versions (A4 in europe,

SO my vote is for: convert anything to HTML and ship texinfo source
with the main package. Ship manpages as source.
Make a debian-doc package that helps producing info and postscript files 
(PS even for manpages) and install them. Use deity to remove HTML
if you want. (What about having dpkg/deity to register some file
and add them to a package after the package has been installed?
So you can produce info or PS and have it removed when you remove
the package?)

Anothr idea... what about using rosetta man (rman). It can read
man sources and produces roff, RTF, LaTeX, HTML, ASCII and much more
as output.

my 2c,

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