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Re: Vision of new installation method using webserver

On 30 Jun 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

>The base system and the rescue floppy are different entities. The base
>system is about 6MB gzipped, whereas the rescue disk has a root.bin of
>about 600kB and contains the kernel without the modules (they are on
>the driver disk).

I know. As soon as connectivity is established and additional image could
be loaded. See my later message.

>Second case: You have to compile all drivers for your network adapters
>into the kernel. If this is intended to be a generic solution, this
>equals to all network adapter drivers. This probably won't fit on the
>rescue disk.

See above.

>>       and configures an IP address obtained using BOOTP or DHCP. I can
>>       then usually locate the IP address either via the BOOTP logs on a
>>       Linux machine or via the NT DHCP display.
>You run your headless servers via DHCP? I expected DHCP to be used for
>client-type machines.

DHCP or BOOTP. I dont run machines like that but usually you can obtain
and IP address easily using that method.

>( When you have an NT machine, you usually have a VGA monitor as
>well. Ignore NT, take the monitor and attach it to the machine. You
>need this anyway in order to fix things in the BIOS. A BIOS that can
>drive a terminal were fine, but I am not aware of one.)

I might not be in the vincinity of the machine.

>How will you solve the initial password issue. Some people don't want
>such a time window for intruders.

There is simply no initial password. There is nothing installed so why
worry. The IP address will be obscure enough.

>I neither think that it is possible nor that it is worth the trouble,
>so I won't invest my time. And I have no customer.

Its really worth the trouble at least in two areas for the general

1. Automatic IP configuration and via BOOTP and DHCP. this will make it
much easier to initially set up a box even from the menus.

2. Automatic discovery of the next Debian FTP site using the
   fping(8) command.

What we also should think about is a menu option to automatically take
over a complete harddrive and partition and format it without user

The installation process must be as easy as possible.

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