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Re: html changelog - what to do with it?

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> I have a package here (taper) that now has a html formatted changelog.
> I know the policy manual says to install upstream changelogs as
> changelog.gz. But this is a html file, so it would be useflu to keep the
> .html extention and name it changelog.html so you'll know what kind of file
> it is. But this violates the policy manual, so I wanted to ask here first
> what people think about this.

I'd say, install it as "changelog.html.gz". The upstream changelog's
aren't that important as the "Debian changelogs", since the first don't
follow a unique "layout" and sometimes include two many details, which are
not intresting for non-developers.

If noone objects, I'll change this the next policy manual, to also allow
"changelog.html.gz" files.



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