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Re: dselect/new dist format

Andreas Jellinghaus writes:
 > On Jun 29, Shaya Potter wrote
 > you need to patch ftp methos install (/usr/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/install
 > or so) :
 > i reported this now as a bug, in the hope it gets fixed. it was
 > discussed here at least once, so i thought it was fixed ...

There are several bugs in dpkg-ftp 1.4.8 for which patches are
available. They were corrected in 1.5.x, which is still experimental,
and which also dropped lots of good behaviors of 1.4.x. In fact so
much that I consider it mainly unusable.

To Klee: (if you hear me, at last)

I suggest to continue issue at least bug-fix releases as 1.4.9 and
followings, as long as 1.5.x is not ready for unstable.

If I got no response from you till thursday 3rd, I'll do a
non-maintainer release with the patches I sent you.

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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