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dselect/new dist format

I just saw a post on this, but I deleted it.  How are we suppose to use
dselect with the new dist format.  I have tried many things, such as
setting the dist path to /pub/mirrors/debian/dists/unstable and using main
non-free contrib as the ones I want to get.  dselect chokes on this
because the package files are based on dists/unstable.  So I then try to
set the base directory to /pub/mirros/debian. and I then set what I want
to get as dists/unstable/{main,non-free,contrib}.  Well dselect's updates
the package files ok, by replacing the '/' with an '_'.  But when I try to
do and install dselect chokes saying it can't find the appropriate files.

How do I fix this.



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