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Re: `boa' vs `apache', running from x?inetd.conf, mime-types, mailcap

Am 29.06.97 schrieb karlheg+debian # inetarena.com ...

Moin Karl!

KMH>  The browser's ability to view compressed html is dependant on correct
KMH> entries in "/etc/mailcap".  They all use that to find the program they
KMH> need to run to handle a particular MIME type.

I've tested lynx and netscape. lynx can umcompress on the fly .html.gz  
files. netscape is able to uncompress .html.gz files if you open it as  
file. If you get the .html.gz from a WWW server with right settings  
(content-type text/html and transfer encoding x-gzip) netscape will not  
show the file!

KMH> Module action_module       mod_actions.o
KMH> ... so it looks like it won't be too difficult to set up a perl script
KMH> that can turn .html.gz files into .html output to the browser as
KMH> text/html.  So it won't have to send application/x-gzip.  I don't
KMH> think that's the best solution, since sending gzipped data will save
KMH> bandwidth.

But the most WWW browsers will have problems. I would suggest using the  
mod_rewrite Module. We could use something like this:


  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteBase /doc
  RewriteRule ^(.+\.html\.gz)/$ /cgi-bin/gzfly?$1 [R]

(see German iX Journal 12/96)

This tells the browser to request /cgi-bin/gzfly?foo.html.gz
gzfly would look like this:

  echo "Content-type: text/html
  echo ""
  gzip -d -c /usr/doc/$1

cu, Marco

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