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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Craig Sanders wrote:

> > - let's munch up the links to point to ".html.gz" files.  Ugly, I know,
> >   and a bit of work, but then we don't need to force people to install a
> >   web server.  I think it's pretty important that we don't force people
> >   to run stuff they don't want.
> no, that will make it a pain to download files which are already
> compressed.  The "smarts" should be in the web browser.

_and_ in the server. The server needs to supply appropriate mime headers so
the web browser knows what kind of file it is; just x-gzip isn't enough. It
should be text/html with a transfer encoding saying that it's zipped.

Browsers decompressing all gzipped files and attempting to guess what type
they are is a bad idea IMO.

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