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Re: For the love of god: put ncurses 3.4 back!

On Jun 29, SirDibos wrote
> Ncurses works fine, tons of us use and like it...  Can slang do everything
> ncurses can, and is it as widely ported?  How much work would it take to
> switch the whole debian distro over to slang from the parts that use
> ncurses?

ncurses distribution also includes libfrom, libpanel and libmenu. slang
has a ncurses emulation, but no libpanel, libform or libmenu emulation.
maybe it's possible to compile these three libs with slang curses
emulation, but i doubt. and we would still need ncurses. many programs
uses these libraries.

> In the meantime, Ill get off my rant if someone could let me know just how
> slang can completely replace ncurses, and is every bit as powerful and
> easy to program.  Lots of packages depend on ncurses, including info, and
> it pains me not to have info available.  Among other things.

as i wrote above, it's not possible for all programs to replace ncurses.
slang can replace curses, but only the curses part in ncurses. and many
programs also use form,menu,panel.

regards, andreas

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