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For the love of god: put ncurses 3.4 back!

Lets take a little look at this copyright issue.

Why dont we just rename ncurses3.4 to something else?  dcurses perhaps?

If an old author of software gives it up, he should *give it up*.

Ncurses works fine, tons of us use and like it...  Can slang do everything
ncurses can, and is it as widely ported?  How much work would it take to
switch the whole debian distro over to slang from the parts that use

Lets examine this "copyright" anyways.  How the heck did whatsisname get a
"copyright" to ncurses?  As far as I knew, the original author of ncurses
was Pavel Curtis, who also wrote the Lambdamoo server.  At what point did
some other party claim "copyright" to his work?

I think we should just take the ncurses that we had, keep it, and if the
"copyright holder" finds another "successor" (very bad form, IMHO), who
makes ncurses better then what we currently have available, then sure,
lets use that.

In the meantime, Ill get off my rant if someone could let me know just how
slang can completely replace ncurses, and is every bit as powerful and
easy to program.  Lots of packages depend on ncurses, including info, and
it pains me not to have info available.  Among other things.

This should probably also go to the various parties involved.  Does anyone
have the address of the ncurses list?

Don Dibos

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