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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR

>>"Christoph" == Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:

>>  You can't fix the browsers, because we don't have the source for
>> important browsers like netscape.

Christoph> You mean the Debian Project caving in and changing its
Christoph> standards because some non free product cannot be changed?
Christoph> Where is our commitment to free software?

	I generally don't get involved in the ideological end of
 things; the details tend to bore me (oh, I know, they have to be
 adressed, and they are more important to some people)

	However, I do see when we are asking for an unfeasable
 solution: and when policy demands things that can't be met, then
 policy is broken.

	Also, changing behaviour of the browser may well violate RFC
 1630 (I have not looked at the RFC in question recently, though)


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