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Re: fixhrefgz, boa

Responding to the message of Sun, 29 Jun 97 10:40:38 -0500
from "Jon Nelson" <nels0988@maroon.tc.umn.edu>:

 >  Is that a problem with `boa', or `mime-support'?  Who can tell us?
> > It will take me a week to rtfm's.  (which are on deck anyhow.)
> I am the maintainer for the boa package.  I have verified that the 
> problem 
> is, in fact, with boa.  A fix for this bug will take top priority.
> The problem is that boa is not sending a mime/type header at all.

I (hope I) have fixed the problem.  In addition, some other changes were 
made upstream, and I have incorporated those.  Boa used the following 
numbering scheme:  boa-0.92o, boa-0.92p, etc... and I am hard at work on 
boa-0.93something.    The following four files are available until I can 
get them to master:

boa_0.92p-1.dsc           boa_0.92p-1_i386.changes
boa_0.92p-1.tar.gz        boa_0.92p-1_i386.deb

They are available at

The .deb should solve the problems.  Please also examine the 
documentation's Changelog, which details some of the changes between "o" 
and "p".


Jon Nelson

PS  Any comments, questions, rants or raves about boa or anything else to 
me, Jon Nelson, at nels0988@tc.umn.edu

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