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Re: auto compiling

On Jun 28, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote
> here are my auto compiling script. there is a bit more management in it,
> and i seperated the whole thing in two scripts (the basic idea was, that
> they could run on seperated machine, or the build script could run in a
> chroot environment for security...).

Thankyou, I'm sure they're very nice. But please don't send things like
this to the list: they aren't very big on their own, but some of us do
have to pay to download email, and the more people do this, the more
stuff I *have* to download that I'll probably never use.

Instead, make up a simple package of it, and stick it up for FTP
somewhere (I would suggest experimental, but that's no longer allowed, is
it? Where's the canonical place for this sort of thing now?). Then post
your changes here, and interested people can download it themselves.

Thanks for your time,


Andy Mortimer, andy.mortimer@poboxes.com
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