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NEW: debian online help system (dhelp)

Moin Moin!

Yesterday I released the first version of my Debian online help system  
called dhelp. You can download this experimental version from:


At the moment the system is supported by doc-linux-de and selfhtml.

What's dhelp?

 dhelp is an online help system for Debian. It builds a index of all HTML
 files in /usr/doc, if their package supports dhelp. The user doesn't need a
 WWW server to browse the HTML tree.

 You can search all HTML documents in /usr/doc using dhelp and glimpse.

The .dhelp file

 Programs supporting dhelp have to install a .dhelp file in every directory
 under /usr/doc. For every HTML file that should appear in the dhelp menu the
 .dhelp file have to contain the following section:

     Defines in which section of the index the document should be linked.
     For a German HOWTO you have to use de/HOWTO, for a English FAQ FAQ and
     so on (see /usr/lib/dhelp/HTML).
     This short text appears as link text in the index. This is typical the
     filename without the .html suffix.
     The filename of the HTML file without the path.


     A long description of the content of the document (optional).

 You can have several <item> sections in one .dhelp file. At the moment the
 dhelp standard is supported by the doc-linux-de and the selfhtml packages.

If you have any comments or problems please feel free to send me an email:

cu, Marco

Uni: Budde@tu-harburg.d400.de      Fido: 2:240/5202.15
Mailbox: mbudde@hqsys.antar.com    http://www.tu-harburg.de/~semb2204/

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