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Re: Documentation Policy

> Philip Hands writes:
> > There is of course a problem with trying to install all the
> > documentation on a machine, since some conflicting packages
> > provide man pages with overlapping names.
> I think that the 'alternative' mechanism could be used there.

I was thinking about the possibility of offereing _all_ Debian documentation 
on a web site --- which lpr(1) man page would you want to show?  lpr's or 

I think it should be possible to have both available, but I'm not quite sure 
how to do it without confusing people.

Perhaps man pages should really go in /usr/doc/package-name/man/, with 
symbolic links for /usr/man if needed --- then there wouldn't be as much of a 
problem, since




can both be installed without conflicting.

Cheers, Phil.

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