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Re: where aclocal? (for a dpkg build)

joost witteveen wrote:
> Anyone knows where aclocal is?
> dpkg- needs it to build:
> Makefile.in: Makefile.am
>         $(checkdir)
>         $(RM) config.status
> ->      aclocal -I ./automake
>         autoheader
> but I cannot find it in the old (bo) Contents-i386.gz file,
> and the .contents.new from unstable doesn't have it eighter.

It's in automake-1.1p-1 package from projet/experimental.
BTW, there is a new release of this tool (1.2) that could be packaged and
uploaded to unstable.

You need autoconf, libtool, gettext as well to build dpkg.
autoconf & libtool are in unstable, and gettext is in experimental.


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