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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

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Christoph Lameter:
> This was discussed half a year ago and the webservers were fitted
> with on the fly decompression for .gz files.

For the umpteenth time, that DOES NOT HELP WHEN THE USER IS READING

> What dwww does is already not necessary. Changing the content of .html 
> files might lead to problems with web browsers. 

dwww doesn't change content.

> Not all platforms have a gzip by default available.

Then they lose, unless they go via a web server that uncompresses
things. It's more important that things work under Debian than
under, say, OS-9.

> Please do not do this. We do not have any problems here and you are about to 
> create some.

We have the rather unpleasant situation that reading documentation
requires a web server. That's a problem. Fixing it requires changing
the .html files.

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