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RE: GCC cross-compilation

I see. But I do not totally agree. We're used to do SCO development on
theLinux box and it works like a charm.


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>Sent:	Tuesday, June 24, 1997 12:55 AM
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>Michael Meskes wrote:
>> Does this mean I could upload all architecture version for my packages?
>> If so yes, I think it's useful.
>> Michael
>Well, I personally distrust cross-compilers...at least gcc cross
>compilers.  I know that at least one crossover (i386->alpha) has been
>known to produce broken binaries at one time, and how can you tell when
>the next such disaster will be?  Since you can't actually test the
>cross-compiled programs you generated, you never know when you might be
>uploading something _really_ broken into stable.
>Cross compilers are very good for bootstrapping new linux ports and
>things like that, but I wouldn't want to upload "production binaries"
>built by a cross-compiler, and would be _very_ upset to find that I was
>using one.

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