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Re: Looking for New Maintainers - floppybackup

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Christoph Lameter wrote:

| Does not need any work. Please take the package, put your name in as a
| maintainer and upload it. I wont consider this a done deal until the
| package has your name in it.

Ok, to restate what needs to happen for my own clarification, and so I do
it correctly:

1.  Klee has telephoned me and checked my PGP fingerprint.  My
understanding is that he, or someone else on that end subscribes me to
debian-private and creates an account on 'master'.  Correct? 

2.  At which point I take the floppy control source and run 'build' on it,
after having edited the control file to reflect that I am the new
maintainer.  I then move it to Incoming from my account on master,

I ask, not because I haven't read the relevant documentation, but to be
sure that I have read and interpreted it correctly.


David Welton   
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