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Re: Bug in Boot-Disk Package?

Yes, it would do that. The problem is that un-mounting / leaves it
mounted read-only, not unmounted. You can't unmount root. If it
remounts it at all, it doesn't do it correctly, and re-partitioning the
disk that root is running on is problematical, to say the least.
On the PC installation floppy root would be a RAM disk at this point,
and this problem would never come up. I wonder if your boot parameters
are wrong, or if it is a 68k-specific issue.



From: Goswin Brederlow <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de>
> I found a bug in the installation procedure on my Amiga, but the same
> will probably happen on all systems.
> When I try to partition the drive my root.bin is on during installation,
> it pops up a requester asking to unmount / before starting fdisk on it.
> After quitting fdisk it remounts /, but the installation routines
> complain about / being read-only and nothing works anymore.
> To reproduce this behavior on another system you need a spare partition
> at least the size of the root.bin (e.g. the swap partition). Dump the
> root.bin onto it and boot with it as root. Select the keyboard and then
> fdisk it (be carefull not to change anything that might erase youre
> data). Just quiting it again should do the trick. 
> Before fdisk is started the installation routine will complain about the
> root mounted from that drive and unmount it. After fdisk it will remount
> it and you have the above bug.
> Can somebody second this on another system or is it just my Amiga?
> May the Source be with you.
> 				Mrvn.
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