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Re: Installing XF86 3.3-1 crashed XEmacs 19.15-3

I have already released a non-maintainer upload of XEmacs 19.15 (named
XEmacs 19.15-3.1) to Incoming on Master.  This package fixes that problm.

Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it> writes:

> 	Then, to get better support for my gfx board I downloaded
> the XF86 3.3-1 packages (base, svga-server, lib, fonts, extensions,
> etc...) and installed them. Again all went well but... now XEmacs 19.15
> crashes and does a core dump. I tryed to mail the maintainer 
> (James LewisMoss <dres@scsn.net>) but, apparently, the address is
> wrong. (I'll cc a copy of this  mail to his address anyway...)

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