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Re: attempting to solve copyright problem

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 00:13:09 EDT Igor Grobman (igor@digicron.com) 

> I recently (yesterday, in fact) discovered a wonderful Tcl/Tk-based irc client
> for X called cIRCus.  It is by far the best graphical irc client I've seen.  
> My first thought was, of course, to package it for Debian, but the copyright 
> is quite restrictive.  There is no source, and it states that "it can only 
> be distributed as a complete package".  Looking through the circus discussion
> board on cIRCus's home page, I found that the author isn't quite sure yet what
> to do with the program, and that's why he isn't releasing source.  I would like
> to convince him to release the source and GPL it, if possible.  

I've already tried to negociate that with the authors, but they ended 
up not answering my mail.
I wish you better luck :-)


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