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attempting to solve copyright problem

I recently (yesterday, in fact) discovered a wonderful Tcl/Tk-based irc client
for X called cIRCus.  It is by far the best graphical irc client I've seen.  
My first thought was, of course, to package it for Debian, but the copyright 
is quite restrictive.  There is no source, and it states that "it can only 
be distributed as a complete package".  Looking through the circus discussion
board on cIRCus's home page, I found that the author isn't quite sure yet what
to do with the program, and that's why he isn't releasing source.  I would like
to convince him to release the source and GPL it, if possible.  

I remember seeing a while back a big text written by Ian Jackson pointing out
the many advantages of GPL'ing software.  I also remember a recent post by Bruce
also outlining same things.  I know I could come up with my own arguments, and I
have, but I don't want to miss any important things.  Could anyone who still has
it in their mailbox send a copy to me?  Searching list archives on the web is 
very hard especially when you don't remember the subject.  

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