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xemacs orphaned [Todd Walker <walker@genius.scsn.net>] RE: Account dres@scsn.net (was Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail)


It appears that James LewisMoss, previous maintainer of xemacs, is no
longer around.  (Attached below is a confirmation of this I received
from his ISP).  Therefore, xemacs is in need of a new maintainer.
This is a large package, comprising over 18 megs of compressed source
and over 40k of compressed diffs.  There are occasional slipstream
patches released on the xemacs website, so it is helpful to check
there frequently.  It is a multi-target package (one source produces
three binaries) and has probably the most complicated debian/rules
file I've ever seen, so it will probably take somebody with
substantial experience with Debian to handle this one.

The latest version for anybody interested in taking it is xemacs
19.15-3.1, currently in Incoming on master.

If interested, please mail me or post here -- I'll help handle the
transfer of the package.

FYI, (and this is a bit of a simplification), xemacs is basically GNU
emacs plus a lot of freely-available goodies and an enhanced X
interface (toolbars, colors, etc.)

Xemacs is probably the best editor I've ever used and I would really
like to see somebody maintain it.  I unfortunately cannot at this

John Goerzen

John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
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This person seems to have disappeared.  We don't have any current
information on them and they have not logged in in over a month.


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>From:	John Goerzen [SMTP:jgoerzen@complete.org]
>Sent:	Wednesday, June 18, 1997 7:46 AM
>To:	Mail Administrator
>Subject:	Account dres@scsn.net (was Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail)
>Can you please tell me what happened to this address (dres@scsn.net)?
>The user of that account was James LewisMoss.  He was a developer for
>our Debian GNU/Linux project on the Internet and has disappeared
>John Goerzen
>Mail Administrator<Postmaster@scsn.net> writes:
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>> This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:
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>> the addresses and re-mail the message):
>> SMTP <dres@scsn.net>
>> Please reply to Postmaster@mail.scsn.net
>> if you feel this message to be in error.
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>John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
>Custom Programming    | 
>jgoerzen@complete.org | 

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