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Re: Obsolete package CGI-modules (hamm)

On 17 Jun 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Scott" == Scott K Ellis <storm@gate.net> writes:
> Scott> Umm, actually perl5 only includes CGI.pm, and CGI::Apache,
> Scott> Carp, Fast, Push, and Switch.  The libs from CGI-modules are
> Scott> NOT included.  So we do still need a cgi-modules package,
> Scott> although perhaps in a renamed and cleaned up state
> Scott> (perl-cgi-modules), here's your chance to fix the
> Scott> capitilization :)
> 	Oh, I see that now. I'll in that case continue to provide cgi
>  modules, though I'll wait until there is a naming policy in effect
>  for CPAN modules (lib-perl-cgi-modules?)

I don't expect a "Perl Module Policy" to show up very soon, since there
are lots of other changes we have to make to the Policy Manual now and the
short discussion about the Perl stuff showed me, that we'll have to spend
more time on this.

So I suggest, you name the package according to the current (implicit)
policy, namely

> 	I may also then see if we need a lib-perl-cgi-pm package
>  (depends on how frequently CGI.pm is updated relative to Perl itself)

This would be called





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