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Re: Obsolete package CGI-modules (hamm)

>>"Scott" == Scott K Ellis <storm@gate.net> writes:

Scott> Umm, actually perl5 only includes CGI.pm, and CGI::Apache,
Scott> Carp, Fast, Push, and Switch.  The libs from CGI-modules are
Scott> NOT included.  So we do still need a cgi-modules package,
Scott> although perhaps in a renamed and cleaned up state
Scott> (perl-cgi-modules), here's your chance to fix the
Scott> capitilization :)

	Oh, I see that now. I'll in that case continue to provide cgi
 modules, though I'll wait until there is a naming policy in effect
 for CPAN modules (lib-perl-cgi-modules?)

	I may also then see if we need a lib-perl-cgi-pm package
 (depends on how frequently CGI.pm is updated relative to Perl itself)
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