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Re: libc6 policy in unstable

> Of cource, there isn't such a list now (as far as I know, at least I
> guess that list would be empty now).
> > Anyways, Debian just can't compete with commercial distributions which can
> > allow to suppose that they are self-contained. Debian is NOT. Unlike
> > RedHat (which has, for instance its "own" Motif and Metro-X), we can't
> > include ANY commercial product into the distribution.
> So, why does that mean we cannot compete?
> What has self-contained to do with Motif?

By self-contained I meant that *most* of the "users" of the particular 
distribution would not need to install anything from outside of it.
The nature of Debian implies that ALL commercial products, even the 
the most popular ones (like Motif) are outside of the distribution and has
to be purchased seperately. And once purchased, you can't just recompile
them with new library, you kinda stuck with them and expect that
distribution you've chosen (Debian) would still support you and provide
you with recent versions of other "free" developmental software. 


Alex Y.

> Anyway, Lars just posted a script to auto-build the whole distribution,
> and I really think with such scripts (presumably improved ones, but
> the one from Lars apparently already works) we will get a self-contained
> distribution rather soon.
> > They could recomplie them and have "fully libc6" distribution in a day.
> Wait and see what Lars will do.

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