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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

In your email to me, Rob Browning, you wrote:
> Nathan E Norman <nnorman@cfni.com> writes:
> > Not that anyone necessarily has the time, but would it be worthwhile to
> > create some documents listing categories of packages, comparing and
> > contrasting the competing packages?
> Right.  I'm about to help someone set up a relatively busy mailserver,
> and though I'm only familiar with sendmail, it'd be nice to know if
> one of the others would be a better choice.

Exim, at first gave me problems, but has proven to be just what I
needed. Virtual domains are a no-brainer, and,  if your machine
delivers a lot of mail to a single machine or domain at one time
(like a dialup going online 1/day), exim will tunnel all the mail
down the one connection instead of spawning off a separate process
for each one.


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