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Re: libc6 policy in unstable

>>>>> "BW" == Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:

    :: * July 15th: All libraries *must* be libc6.
    :: * July 31th: All packages must be libc6.

What about:

* June 30th: Bug reports on all non-libc6 libraries.
* July 15th: All libraries libc6 compatible.
* July 31th: Bug reports on all libc5 packages, uploads of such
             packages no longer allowed.
* August 31th: libc5 packages removed.

    BW: Do we also want to remove all libc5 dependant packages at some
    BW: point?  I think this would be a good idea since otherwise
    BW: things are going to get pretty messed up.

I agree.  We should avoid repeating situation, when we had a.out
packages in ELF system.

Milan Zamazal

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