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Automating building from source packages

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I wrote the enclosed script to experiment with building source
packages. Use it as follows:

	- download (or whatever) the sources to a suitable location
	  (everything, or some suitable subset; it is not necessary
	  to maintain the structure of the ftp sites, as long as
	  all the files of a source package are in the same directory)
	- create a directory that will hold the build area, and the
	  .deb and .changes files
	- run "make-world" in that directory and give the path to
	  the source directory
	- ./debs will hold the .deb and .changes files
	- log will hold a little information about the build (what
	  has been built)
	- ignores packages whose .dsc is in directory named BAD
	  (to make it easy to exclude packages that won't build)

This is _NOT_ a working tool yet. It is an experiment, to see how
well we can automate the building of binary packages from source.
I'm sure others have done similar experiments already. Anyway, it
is a very simple script.

Some problems:

	- requires sudo (hardwired), does not sign anything with PGP
	  (this was done to minimize the entering of passwords
	  during experiments)
	- rebuild everything every time; does not check what has
	  already been built (that's not quite trivial...)
	- I haven't actually tested the .debs I've built

My experiences, with the packages in section base:

	- procps doesn't build; requires libtermcap.a (bug reported)
	- source dependencies would be nice, but not essential for
	  my purposes (I can easily install all development tools)

Something like this should make it possible to

	- automatically build stuff on different platforms
	- make sure all packages are built with the same versions of
	  compilers and libraries
	- make sure we can support the claim that the main distribution
	  is self-sufficient and that everything can be built from

Play with it. I'm going to see how many packages I can build without
trouble on a P133/32MB system with about 400 megabytes of free disk.

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