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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

On Jun 12, Christoph Lameter wrote
: It might be good if we would replace smail in hamm with exim. Exim should 
: be the standard mailer for hamm:

... hmmm, ``never change a running system'', and smail _is_ running.
And I you're able to read some docs, it's possible to setup this
think quite easy.  Missing features will be found in every of the MTA's,

And the simple standard cases are handled by the smailconfig script.

(It's somewhat as with debmake -- sometime I tried it and found
me lost in _too_ many automatism ... never getting an idea what's going

Please, don't assume, this is a flame, you're probaly the Debian
maintainer producing the most output .... but IMHO complex things should
be kept complex, from the early beginning!   (See Win-NT, everybody
cabably of moving a mouse now thinks that network/system-adminstration
is as easy as using Word or Excel, simply by clicking somewhere ....)

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