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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

Quoting Philip Hands (phil@hands.com):
> Qmail is most definitely capable of UUCP (I use it here), and AFAIK bang paths 
> can be done with rmail.

With what addition? Last time I really tried it, it was only working with some
additions like rsmtp (as I mentioned, btw) and no bangs.

Exim is (this news is also old) not capable of bang paths or uucp, just using
rsmtp works fine, though it's not sure if it all works.

If Exim comes with an rmail wrapper script, all is fine.

> I'm not sure how you would deal with having to bangify addresses, but does 
> anyone still need to do this ?   If so then I suppose they should be using a 
> mail system that handles it.

standard uucp needs it, rsmtp not really any more, a mailertable or pathalias-
table (smail) is enough, somewhat.


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