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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, SirDibos wrote:

>speaking of which.  if I packaged up fetchpop, could it get included in
>debian?  I much prefer it to fetchmail.  if only fetchmail had a -o or a
>localfolder option!  Also, fetchpop guides you thru creation of the
>appropriate config file the first time you run it.  *and* it pipes the
>stuff transparently thru procmail for you.  Which is a bonus, since it
>always screwed up when I tried cat /var/spool/mail/$USER |procmail, and
>didnt work at *all* when I just plain ran procmail by itself

Package it up. No problem.

>Sounds good to me.  I am an advocate of many solutions.... I hate to see
>any software get dropped from the distribution.  Hell, I still think we
>should have continued to include *both* anagram generating programs.
><sigh>  Yup, I'd like to give chos a try.

You misunderstand whats going on here. Exim and Chos are part of the
Debian distribution. The issue is which packages are installed by default.

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