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Re: libc6 policy in unstable

> > I'd like to set a date after which all new uploads must be libc6.  How
> > does July 31st sound?
> I'd like to have 2 different dates:
> - 1st deadline for libraries.
> - 2nd deadline for other packages.
> That could make something like:
> * July 15th: All libraries *must* be libc6.
> * July 31th: All packages must be libc6.

That's fine with me.  I figure requiring packages only libc6 will also put
a lot of pressure on library maintainers to get things done.

Do we also want to remove all libc5 dependant packages at some point?  I
think this would be a good idea since otherwise things are going to get
pretty messed up.  We might want to do all three immediately.

I voiced this idea once before and got some support for it.

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