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Re: libc6

On Jun 11, Guy Maor wrote
> > I'm working on the xdaliclock package, and I will take it to libc6. I
> > have merely recompiled it, and all has worked fine, except perhaps some
> > warning (perhaps present with libc5: I have not installed alt-libc5 as
> > yet). This is suspect to me, because my X libs are compiled with libc5,
> > and in this list I've read that ncurses (simpler than X libs) give
> > problems with libc6 in compile time. Perhaps I'dont have understand well
> > the problem: can you explain it to me?
> Maybe I misunderstand, but it sounds like you're trying to compile a
> binary against libc5 versions of some libraries and libc6 versions of
> others.  That will never work.

No. The surprising thing is that it _does_ work. (e.g. take the DDD source
in a libc6 environment, with libc6 libg++272, libc5 ncurses, X etc. It
compiles and works). The problem is that there could be subtle problems from
the interaction between libc5 and libc6 libraries, which may be very
difficult to track. This means that maintainers who work in a libc6
environment must check very carefully that all the libraries they link
against are really for use with libc6.

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