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Re: libc6

> On Jun 11, Guy Maor wrote
> > > I'm working on the xdaliclock package, and I will take it to libc6. I
> > > have merely recompiled it, and all has worked fine, except perhaps some
> > > warning (perhaps present with libc5: I have not installed alt-libc5 as
> > > yet). This is suspect to me, because my X libs are compiled with libc5,
> > > and in this list I've read that ncurses (simpler than X libs) give
> > > problems with libc6 in compile time. Perhaps I'dont have understand well
> > > the problem: can you explain it to me?
> > 
> > Maybe I misunderstand, but it sounds like you're trying to compile a
> > binary against libc5 versions of some libraries and libc6 versions of
> > others.  That will never work.
> No. The surprising thing is that it _does_ work. (e.g. take the DDD source
> in a libc6 environment, with libc6 libg++272, libc5 ncurses, X etc. It
> compiles and works). The problem is that there could be subtle problems from
> the interaction between libc5 and libc6 libraries, which may be very
> difficult to track. This means that maintainers who work in a libc6
> environment must check very carefully that all the libraries they link
> against are really for use with libc6.
H.J. Lu and the XFree86 team did a lot of work to make this work.
whether it works perfectly, I don't know but as X uses its own datatypes
for most things one of the main problems of incompatibility between
libc5 and libc6 is not present.


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