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I'm back !

Fellow debianers,

After a one-month (unexpected) vacation, I'm back, and I cleared a 
backlog of 5000+ emails. If you've emailed me and still waiting for a 
reply, then your mail has been lost or deleted, and you should send 
it again.

I'm very happy than 1.3 is finally released. AFAIK, there will be a 
1.3.1 soon with the latest XFree. I'd like to make a fix for diald as 
well which breaks when upgrading from some older versions. What's the 
deadline for 1.3.1 ?

I'm also still unsure for the library package controversy.
I understood that for packages providing libraries, they should be recompiled against libc6, and their files should be installed in the regular directories.
Additionaly, an other package should be made for compatibility issues, which should install under /usr/i486-linuxlibc1/{include,lib}. The name for the package should be libfooversion-altdev instead of libfooversion.
What /usr/libc5-compat for then ?
Is it mandatory, or recommended to create the altdev packages ?

What's the stability of hamm right now ? Is it usable ?

I've also got the orphans problem pending, I'll coordinate with Vincent Renardias.


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