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Re: 1.3 installation report

In your email to me, Andreas Jellinghaus, you wrote:
> On Jun 3, Jim Pick wrote
> > This flaw needs to be publicized a bit more.  I'm sure I would have 
> > figured out the problem via the bug system eventually - but I shouldn't
> > have to do that.
> > 
> > Is there a document where "Errata" can go?  How about a release-specific 
> > FAQ that we can update after 1.3 has been release?  I can think of
> > a number of questions that could go onto it.  This could be prominently 
> > featured on the web site and the ftp server.
> i'm missing the same thing: debian should have a database with error
> reports and how to fix them. every big bug should be documented (we had
> this bud <description>, and you can solve it this way : <solution>. it's
> also fixed in the new release debian <version> and in the package xyz
> <version>.").
> look at other distributions : they have support databases (www.suse.de,
> maybe also www.suse.com and other distributions). the bug archive is ok
> for us developers, but after a bug is closed, it wouldn't help. and a
> user should not have to read the whole discussion, he only needs the bug
> description and the solution to solve it.

Matt Surico and I have been slowly (very) developing a call/problem tracking
system/knowledge base system. Maybe we need to make it speed up a little


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