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1.2.X -> 1.3 upgrade report

 It went very well; I missed a few packages, and had to go back for a
few things, then `dpkg --configure --pending` three or four times,
while sorting out dependencies.

 I'd installed the experimental shadow packages, and `dpkg` wouldn't
let me upgrade, since `shadow-login` was an essential package.  I used
'-r --force-essential' to remove the old one, then installed the new,
no problem.  I guess that works fine as long as you don't pull the rug
out from under yourself... you have to put it back before you land.

 Secure-su failed to configure, complaining about diversions (and
`gnu-su`), which I don't understand yet.  I went in and put things
right by hand (sort of, I think...); it's still not configured
according to `dpkg`.  There is no man page for dpkg-divert???  I will
look again.  It is a mystery.

 I used XEmacs-20 and 'ediff' to merge in the .dpkg-inst changes to
many of the config files.  I was able to update my "passwd" and
"group" files, as well as "/etc/init.d/boot".  I had some oddball
gid's that I had to change to match the standard groups file, and a
few odd userid's too...  It was simple to `chown`/`chgrp` the
directories, since it was 'majordom' and 'postgres' that were
different from the standard of reference on this particular computer.

 After I cleaned up the "passwd" and "group" files, running
`shadowconfig on` worked fine.  XDM is functional also, and so is
`xlockmore`.  I don't know if turning the :!:'s to :*:'s in
"/etc/passwd", and "/etc/group" helped the config or not.  I just did
that as a matter of course while the system was unshadowed and I was
editting in them.

 `innd` depended on `cron`, which for some reason wasn't
installed...??  I don't have any idea where it went.  I re-installed
it, and `innd` configged.  Who knows, huh?

 I have not rebooted yet.  I might wait for deity before I do. ;-) It
will be good to have packages install in the proper sorted order,

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.2  Linux 2.1.36 AMD K5 PR-133

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