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More new packages...

As I've already written I prepared asr-manpages...
And there are more packages I'm working on now:
- slay - tiny script to kill all processes a user has. This is ready.
- asmail - a utility similar to xbiff but with more power and AfterStep
  look and feel. This isn't done yet, but will be soon.
  BTW. What section should it go to? Mail or X11?
- xzx - ZX Spectrum emulator. This isn't started yet (and I had several
  troubles with xzx I compiled some time ago), but I hope it'll be
  available soon.
- Also, there will soon be some new patches to mush (I have to do more
  corrections to MIME support, PGP support and other stuff is also
  planned) which I now maintain.


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