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Re: XFree86 3.3 now available

right, usually that means "mirror sites only" and then in a day or two
they'll all change the modes together.  (This keeps the master site
from getting flooded; I remember Jim Gettys posting about people
connecting to ftp.x.org which was a heavily loaded Sony NEWS machine
buried off a local net in the MIT LCS "swamp" when gatekeeper.dec.com
had it's *own* T1 to one of the west coast hubs, and enough RAM to
keep the entire distribution in buffer cache :-)

However, I'll bring a zip disk with me to work today, and I'll be
keeping an eye on the mirrors...
			_Mark_ <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us>
			The Herd of Kittens
			Debian X Maintainer

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