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giving away ssh

Hi all,

I'm writing my phd-thesis at the moment and time is getting
shorter, so I do have to give away the ssh-package. I should
be taken by someone in the *free world*.

The next thing to do would be to split the package into
a us and a non-us version (i.e., with-out and with rsaref compiled).

Of course, I will provide some initial help.


  Jan Camenisch                                                    
  Institut fuer theor. Informatik                  Tel. +41 1 632 7412
  ETH Zentrum, IFW                                 Fax. +41 1 632 1172
  CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland            e-mail: camenisch@inf.ethz.ch
-                                                                      -
  URL of my homepage          http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/camenisc
  pgp-fingerprint     39 D8 9E 3C 9E 1F 65 A0  2A D4 B0 55 AF 23 35 F9

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