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Re: Infocom Games (Was: long list of give away or orphaned packages)

mbaker@iee.org (Mark Baker) writes:
> > None of the Infocom games can be distributed, however.  You have to
> > buy them.
> None of the ones by infocom can be distributed. There are lots of
> infocom-format games by other people, mostly produced by the inform
> compiler. In general the source code is not available (because that would
> make the games too easy :) so as Charles said, they would have to be in
> contrib.

Just butting in on this thread to ask a question.  Is there a
de-compiler for Infocom games?  Would such a de-compiler produce
readable source code?  Just a thought...  (I know nothing about the
Infocom game language or the binary format.)
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