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Re: Using CVS for package development


	I just import the upstream version with ``cvs import -ko'', and
 ``cvs add'' my changes without any k options. This way the upstream
 sources do not get mangled, but the debian only files come with full
 RCS keywords.


>From the info pages:
File: cvs.info,  Node: Substitution modes,  Next: Log keyword,  Prev: Avoiding \
substitution,  Up: Keyword substitution

Substitution modes

   Each file has a stored default substitution mode, and each working
directory copy of a file also has a substitution mode.  The former is
set by the `-k' option to `cvs add' and `cvs admin'; the latter is set
by the -k or -A options to `cvs checkout' or `cvs update'.  `cvs diff'
also has a `-k' option.  For some examples, *Note Binary files::.

   The modes available are:


     Generate the old keyword string, present in the working file just
     before it was checked in.  For example, for the `Revision'
     keyword, generate the string `$Revision: 1.1 $' instead of
     `$Revision: 5.7 $' if that is how the string appeared when the
     file was checked in.

     Like `-ko', but also inhibit conversion of line endings between
     the canonical form in which they are stored in the repository
     (linefeed only), and the form appropriate to the operating system
     in use on the client.  For systems, like unix, which use linefeed
     only to terminate lines, this is the same as `-ko'.  For more
     information on binary files, see *Note Binary files::.

     Generate only keyword values for keyword strings.  For example,
     for the `Revision' keyword, generate the string `5.7' instead of
     `$Revision: 5.7 $'.  This can help generate files in programming
     languages where it is hard to strip keyword delimiters like
     `$Revision: $' from a string.  However, further keyword
     substitution cannot be performed once the keyword names are
     removed, so this option should be used with care.

     One often would like to use `-kv' with `cvs export'--*note
     export::..  But be aware that doesn't handle an export containing
     binary files correctly.

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